Project Overview

In March 2017, GB completed the design of the El Picacho water system and is currently seeking funding to start construction. This system will provide clean water to 360 beneficiaries.

El Picacho, Honduras

The community of El Picacho has previously dug 6 wells to have access to better water, but the water is untreated. Community members, usually women, load water jugs on their heads and walk to and from the well in order to gather enough water for the day. The furthest community member lives fifteen minutes away from the nearest well water source. The six wells supply daily water for all community members however lack sufficient water in dry season. Only one well contains potable water. Each well is about 12 meters deep. El Picacho does not have a water council, but rather a community government.

Water System Solution

Global Brigades volunteers completed the engineering design for the El Picacho water system in March 2017. Due to the lack of surface level water sources Global Brigades hopes to work with the community to implement a well and pump system with groundwater. El Picacho is currently seeking partners and funding for the project alongside Global Brigades.

Water Project Stages

This project has been completed.

1: Assessment
2: Design
3: Dam/Well & Tank Constructed
4: Piping & House Connections Installed
5: Water Council Trained
6: Project Completed & Doing Follow-up