Project Overview

In September 2018, Global Brigades completed the design of a new water system in La Presa that would benefit 249 community members.

La Presa, Honduras

When Global Brigades arrived at La Presa in 2018, the community members expressed the need of building a water system for the community. There was a natural source of water near the community and that’s what they used to carry their daily activities, the water was collected in a dam and later distributed to the community. Global Brigades designed an ideal water system in 2018 using the resources available to help this community to get access to potable water in a more efficient way.

Water System Solution

After the general assessment done by Global Brigades in 2018, the solution for La Presa was to build a 10,000 gallons water tank with a total of 5.00 kilometres of piping that now feeds 249 community members. The construction of this water system was finished in April 2019.

Water Project Stages

This project was completed in April 2019.

1: Assessment
2: Design
3: Tank Constructed
4: Piping & House Connections Installed
5: Water Council Trained
6: Project Completed & Doing Follow-up