Project Overview

Las Quebradas is located in La Trinidad, Esteli, which is in the northwestern region of Nicaragua. Community members in Las Quebradas frequently suffer from the flu, respiratory issues, and diarrheal disease, most of which result from a lack of adequate hygiene and sanitation infrastructure. These health issues and many others, can be combated with proper water and hygiene infrastructure, sanitation practices, healthcare, and education resources.

Las Quebradas

Las Quebradas had an obsolete hand operated public well that forced community members to carry water in buckets to their homes. The water source for this system was a well in the community. Since the system was constructed in 2000, it was very outdated and in bad condition. The system had a good water flow rate of six gallons per minute but is the only source of water and is not directly connected to any homes.

Global Brigades conducted a study and presented community leaders with an engineering design for a new water system.

Water System Solution

Global Brigades built a pump system in Las Quebradas and a new 1,320 gallon water storage tank with a distribution network for the entire community. The tank is built at a higher location in order to improve the water pressure.

Global Brigades established a partnerships with Club Rotario Metropolitano de Leon, Alcaldía de La Trinidad, Movimiento Comunal and the community of  Las Quebradas itself to complete this project. The well utilizes water pumped up from underground to the storage tank where gravity and 2 kilometers of piping provide regular safe and reliable water to over 25 homes. 

Global Brigades conducted trainings with community members to establish a Water Council in the community. The Council is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the wells and pump. Additionally, Global Brigades trained a Basic Sanitation Committee, which work to share information with community members on the importance of clean water and proper sanitation and hygiene practices. Together, the Water Council and the Basic Sanitation Committee oversee all aspects of the construction of the water system in Las Quebradas. They ensure that the system is used and maintained responsibly.

Water Project Stages

This project is under construction.

1: Assessment
2: Design
3: Dam/Well & Tank Constructed
4: Piping & House Connections Installed
5: Water Council Trained
6: Project Completed & Doing Follow-up