Project Overview

In 2017, Global Brigades and its partner, the Ghana Water Company, installed 4 new standpipes in Otabanadze providing clean water to over 1,041 people.

Otabanadze, Ghana

Community members in Otabanadze, located in the Ekumfi District, rely primarily on farming and pottery to make a living. One of the major challenges for the development of their community was the lack of access to clean, sufficient water. Although a 100 mm diameter pipeline runs along the main road of the town, the town lacked internal pipeline distribution network. Due to this reason, the people walked long distances across the main road to get access to potable water for consumption. This resulted in accidents sometimes. Community members and most women and children spent many hours a day collecting water in open
containers and carrying it back home.

Water System Solution

The Ghana Water Company is in charge of water distribution and treatment in the region where Otabanadze is located. In 2017, GB Ghana partnered with the Ghana Water Company to build the distribution system and four (4) public standpipes of W.H.O standard that have brought potable water closer to households. These standpipes give the 1041 community members living in
Otabanadze, access to clean water. By placing them in areas near the population, families spend less
time and energy retrieving water for use in their homes.

Water Project Stages

All stages of this water project have been completed.

1: Assessment
2: Design
3: Standpipes Installed
4: Rainwater Harvesters Installed
5: Project Completed & Doing Follow-up